Check Out These Trending Products to Sell Online

Check Out These Trending Products to Sell Online

Thinking of launching your own online business? Here are some trending products to sell! 

Online shopping has absolutely become more popular among consumers all over the world, clearly because this allows them to find items they enjoy in the comfort and safety of their homes. Social media platforms and ecommerce websites like Lazada, Shopee, and Carousell are here to make everyone’s business into reality. 

It's no brainer that selling online allows you to have an additional source of income––but what you sell holds the key to having a successful online business. Of course, there is a lot to consider when starting an online business in the Philippines: your capital, logistics, platform, marketing and of course, your main product. Whether you’re an experienced or newbie online seller, it’s important to listen to your customers and ride with the trend. 

To help you, we’re listed down some on-demand and trending products you can sell to jumpstart your online business at home! 

Trending products to sell online 

  • Shapewear / activewear

  • Gone are the days when gym clothes were only popular among certified gym or fitness enthusiasts––many realized that activewear can be comfortable to wear all day, every day! Activewear is more than just workout clothes, it’s used as house clothes and outfits for quick errands. So if you’re going to start your home business selling activewear, you can choose which direction you prefer: custom-made or print-on-demand.

    Things to consider for custom-made business: designs, sourcing of materials, cost and time of production, and packaging. This would incur high-cost risk but you can sustain greater pricing. The easier path, a print-on-demand service: a drop shipping company can offer ready-made designs and tailored clothing. Just provide your branding or logo and can begin selling. 

    Pro: The current work from set-up is one main reason for high stress levels, thus it’s recommended to have quick exercise breaks in between, being in activewear gets you ready for that. 

    Con: It’s challenging to acquire new customers and maintain profitability since product sampling is not available due to limited face to face.

  • Swimwear and beach accessories for men and women

  • With tourism slowly bouncing back, we’re positive that everyone is eager to shop for their swimsuits for their much-needed and well-deserved visit to the beach. Your business can go with either custom-made or curating and selling.

    Similarly with activewear, custom-made would incur higher cost. While curating already-made products to re-sell would be cheaper and quicker. You’d also have more competition than custom-made. This business could branch out to beach and swimming accessories such as beach towels, cover ups, swim caps, goggles, and more. 

    Pro: Beaches and resorts are a staple in our country, a couple of hours drive away only. People are all looking to get out and get some rest and relaxation.

    Con: Product is seasonal, while designs and inventory needs consistent updating.

    1. Loungewear 

    Now that people are spending more days in bed - whether sleeping, bingeing on Netflix, or working - the demand for chic and comfortable sleepwear has significantly skyrocketed. 

    Everyone wants to look good and comfortable clothes, so getting a good supplier and tailor for your online business is a must. Another option would be a ready-made option, all you need to do is set up a website and choose available designs to kick-off.

    Pro: Bundled family sets, and twining collections are trending. Loungewear has also become the new office attire, especially with the work from home set-up.

    Con: No product sampling or fitting. Competitive space in the ready-made niche. 

  • Skincare 

  • Skincare has always been around, but with the growing K-pop and K-drama complexion being the new standard, it’s grown to be a massive market. 

    Creating your own homemade skincare line requires first and foremost, safety. Your product should pass multiple safety and stability tests and must pass through all the legal requirements –– it’s crucial to check the cosmetic regulations. While reselling branded skincare products is another option. 

    Pro: Getting good reviews about your product and having user generated posts would boost brand awareness and sales. Skincare is one of the best trending products for repeat purchase.

    Con: There are alot of available brands and establishing a brand is a fierce competition. Additionally there’s also the emergence of fake and low-quality products

  • Fashion accessories

  • The right accessories can effortlessly style an outfit, and they’re great gift ideas as well. Thus it’s another great option for an online business.

    Creating accessories from scratch, with an option to create customizable pieces, or even personalized pieces is one way to standout from the competition. Additionally you would have a wide variety of material to use or mix and match. Curating ready-made pieces from multiple suppliers for a small capital expense is another option for this business. 

    Pro: Low start-up cost and inexpensive for ready made pieces. Easy to market on social media and affordable.

    Con: Creating custom accessories may be more expensive, as depending on material you may need to invest more hours and other costs for these items. 

  • Food and drinks

  • It's a known fact that food will never go out of trend; it's just a matter of which ones are a hit at the moment.

    Suppose you're going to make your food or drinks products yourself. In that case, one of the first things you should scout for is an affordable, good-quality, and trusted supplier for ingredients. Note that if you're planning to label your product as organic, make sure that your raw ingredient supplier has the correct certification. Additionally, you must make sure that your packaging, website design, social media pages, and copies ties together to tell a story and help your customers imagine its taste. 

    But just like marketing any other trending products online, selling food has its unique set of challenges. Before, people were used to seeing their food when purchasing it––trying samples, smelling the food or dish, scanning the product physically. This is why you must offer good photographs of your food products on your social media pages, as these are the key things customers will look at to consider buying your product. But, on the other hand, customers are prepared to pay more for personalized, fresh, unique, and on-trend food items online. This means that you can charge a premium for bringing them their cravings and special food requests. However, keep in mind that this venture can be expensive and tedious due to packaging, storage, ingredients, and shipping costs. So you must calculate everything to the dot to make it all worthwhile. 

    If you don't have a product in mind yet, you should look at current food and drinks trends online. There are several existing niche categories you can ride on, such as gourmet, artisanal, or certified organic, natural, and fair trade. To boot, it can be interesting to explore the niche of food and drinks with dietary restrictions like allergen-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and more. Finally, you can check out our blog that features the top food trends of 2021 if you need some ideas. 

  • Coffee 

  • Hot or cold, plain or blended, coffee is one of the standard Filipino morning drinks. So selling coffee, be it beans, cold brew or even pre-made mixes is a great way to enter the coffee business market.

    Whether it’s your entire business or an extra source of income, selling coffee can be fun and challenging. Choose what kind and form of coffee you’d like to sell, be sure to properly study the different suppliers you’ll partner with. Depending on your product; whether it’s coffee pods, coffee beans (grinded or whole), cold brew, or pre-mixed, make sure that you have properly packaged these for storage and transport. 

    Pro: The market is enormous, and has low start up and operating costs, and you can have fun conceptualizing your own brand.

    Con: Intense competition and finding the best supplier for your beans. 

  • Plants 

  • Turn your passion for plants into a booming business! Since the pandemic started, many people started gaining interest in decorating their homes with lush and colorful plants. 

    Sourcing a trustworthy source for your plants is a must. Unlike other products that can be easily stored or assembled, plants will need some extra time, love, and care before they're ready to be sold to plantitos and plantitas. You have the option to care and grow a nursery in your backyard or you may opt to just buy wholesale from gardens. 

    Pro: There are multiple communities on social media that are open to such a niche market.

    Con: Logistics may be an issue compared to other products. Caring and propagating plants takes a lot of time and effort before they are ready to be sold.

  • Fitness, Gym or workout equipment & products 

  • With the pandemic, closure of places of mass gatherings like gyms all around the country gave people no choice but to create their own workout spaces at home, thus demand for at-home workout equipment and other fitness products has risen. As a result of people searching online for the best place to get the most basic to intricate gym essentials to stay on top of their workout routines.  

    Learning your market by joining groups and communities to find the best products to start with and to know your market, be it for people into yoga, strength training, endurance training, or even beginners. Start small, with easy to source equipment and fitness products that are must haves for your market with a reliable supplier of your products and possibly venturing to creating your own branded equipment.

    Pro: Strong sense of community and being able to forster brand loyalty and repeat purchase when you properly take care of a customer.

    Con: Capital expense is a big factor due to the high cost of equipment.

    Find the best delivery service for your online business

    Once you’ve identified your star product to sell online, you will have to find a reliable courier, like Get All, to bring your products to your customers. Get All is a new player in the courier industry that connects people and businesses by providing same-day, on-demand delivery services in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Isabela, Naga, Cebu and Bacolod with more locations to be added soon!. We offer a multi-functional delivery fleet to ensure your products are all delivered safe and sound. The rates per vehicle begins from P50 for motorcycles, P150 for MPVs with 300kg capacity, P350 for 600kg capacity, and  P440 for Light Truck (LT) with up to 1000kg capacity.

    Our Get All Courier Service allows businesses to have a quick, easy, and hassle-free delivery service in just a few taps and clicks. Upon partnering with us as your dedicated delivery service, a Get All account manager will be assigned to handle all your logistical needs. Download the Get All app now via Google Store and App Store to explore our easy-to-use delivery service.

    Final thoughts

    Do you know your target market? Do you have a viable business plan? What is your unique selling point? Do you have space for stock and inventory? Do you have all legal matters completed? Which online channel will you use? Do you have a logistics partner? These are questions to ask yourself before setting up your dream online business at home. 

    It's important to listen to your customers' feedback, data, and other entrepreneurs when you're building your startup business. Another pro tip: ask your customers to review your products online frequently and give a little gift after they review to promote repeat purchase! Most people get a final nudge to buy products online from impartial and true reviews. Lastly, be sure that you can manage your time well, especially if this is a side hustle you do along with your full-time job. 

    We know how stressful it is to start a business online, but exciting too! Just remember to weigh all the pros and cons, budget your expenses thoroughly, find the best product to sell, study your target market, and choose Get All delivery service for your business.



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