Top Delivery Service Apps in the Philippines

Top Delivery Service Apps in the Philippines: Find Out Which Delivery Apps Made It To Our List! 

With COVID-19 cases still rising and vaccines barely rolling out, staying home as much as possible is still the safest choice. Thankfully, with delivery service apps, everything is made convenient and accessible without having to go out. 

From everyday home essentials to your favorite meals for take-out, all of these are available for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! Sending care packages and parcels to friends and loved ones has also become quick and easy! 

If you haven’t tried any delivery apps yet, don’t worry! Check out the top delivery service apps in the Philippines

But before we get to our list, here’s a short guide on everything you need to look for in a delivery app!

A Customer’s Guide to Delivery Apps Philippines

With all the delivery service apps available in the country, choosing the right one can be tricky. Just because an app is cheaper or more popular, that doesn’t automatically mean it gives you the best value for your money. Before you trust a delivery app, here are a couple of things you should take note of!

  • Service Location
  • Before you download an app, it is best to make sure that they provide delivery services in your area. Unfortunately, some delivery service apps aren’t available in certain areas of the Philippines. Since the Greater Manila Area and other major cities like Cebu and Davao are the busiest, most populated parts of the country, they are sure to be serviceable by delivery apps.

    If you live in the province, you’ll be happy to hear that some delivery apps are starting to expand their service areas and it’s only a matter of time before the majority of the country is serviceable. Our list includes delivery apps that offer their services in many areas beyond the Metro!

  • Ease of Use
  • When you are using any app, you’ll want one that’s user-friendly. An app with a complicated interface can ruin any experience, especially if you’re in a rush or if you aren’t exactly that tech-savvy. Save yourself from the hassle and pick an app you can effortlessly navigate around!

    On top of being user-friendly, you’ll also want an app that functions well 24/7! We’re no fans of apps that lag and crash as these waste a lot of time and effort. Efficiency is always key! 

  • Rates
  • Like any practical customer, rates are important to consider when choosing a delivery app to trust. Most delivery service apps have a fixed base price that range from PHP50.00 to PHP80.00, with varying rates for succeeding kilometers. It’s always best to compare the rates across the apps to ensure you’re getting the best deal!

    The rates are also subject to change depending on holidays, peak hours, and traffic in certain areas. 

    Pro Tip: If your delivery isn’t too urgent, then book during off-peak hours to get a better rate.

  • Payment Options
  • Because of the pandemic, many customers now prefer cashless transactions instead of paying with cash. However, some customers aren’t so keen on using credit cards or e-wallet apps like GCash and Paymaya as well.

    Luckily, many delivery service apps accommodate cash and electronic payments. It’s just a matter of which e-wallet apps and banks they’ve partnered with and how reliable their systems are.  

  • Customer Service
  • As a customer, some of the worst things that can happen when sending out a package or waiting for a delivery is when your package gets lost, items get damaged, or you get overcharged by the rider.  

    If you encounter these mishaps, an app with friendly and efficient customer service can make up for it. Pick an app that has a customer service hotline you can easily get in touch with and offers fast and effective solutions to your problems. 

  • Customer Reviews
  • More than what the apps claim on their website or social media pages, customer reviews help you set your expectations for a delivery app. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android smartphone, you can check the feedback customers have left on the App Store or Play Store. 

    Additionally, you can check an app’s Facebook or Instagram profiles for comments left by customers. If you see a lot of unresolved complaints, it’s probably best to consider another app!

  • Additional Services
  • For delivery service apps, some offer a limited list compared to others. It may be better to download a one-stop shop app that gives you everything in one go! On top of delivery services, some apps offer food deliveries and pabili services as well. 

    You can check out their websites or social media pages to find out the services they provide. In case you have specific inquiries, customer service representatives are usually available through Facebook or their hotlines. 

    The Top Delivery Apps Philippines

    Now that you know what to look for in a delivery service app, it’s time to check out the available delivery apps in the Philippines! 

  • Toktok

  • Relatively new, Toktok is an app that provides delivery and pabili services in Metro Manila and other areas around the Philippines. For their delivery services, you can choose from ASAP, express, and scheduled delivery times. 

    Though easy to use, some customers have complained about not getting real-time updates when it comes to the status of their delivery. This can be a challenge especially if you’re a stickler for knowing when to expect the rider to arrive. 

  • Transportify

  • If you need an app that provides delivery services specifically for large, bulky packages (think Balikbayan boxes!), Transportify offers vehicles from sedans to 10-wheeler trucks. They also provide inter island delivery services from Luzon to key cities such as Cebu, Tacloban, and Davao. 

    Quite different from most of the apps on our list, since they specialize in larger deliveries, their rates are higher than most. 

  • Mr. Speedy

  • Similar to Toktok, Mr. Speedy is a same-day delivery service app that caters to customers in Metro Manila. They operate 24/7 and allow users to book multiple delivery stops in one order. 

    If you’re up to try Mr. Speedy, just remember that the app only accepts payments through cash or the Mr. Speedy wallet, which you will need to top up with your credit/debit card. 

  • Lalamove

  • Offering delivery services in the Greater Manila Area, Pampanga, and Cebu, Lalamove is a 24/7 delivery service app that provides multiple vehicle options from motorcycles to medium-sized trucks. Currently, the app lets users book ahead of time and add up to 20 stops for a single order.

    While Lalamove’s interface is hassle-free, the app does not give users a variety of services, being mainly an express delivery service app. If you’re looking for a delivery app that can run multiple errands for you, such as doing groceries while ordering from your favorite restaurant, we suggest checking out the other apps on our list as well. 

  • Grab

  • Perhaps the delivery app that’s been around the longest on our list, Grab has expanded from ride-hailing/sharing to express delivery services for your everyday packages. If you need to send food or groceries to others, you can book their same day delivery services as well. The app has a list of restaurants, online sellers, and supermarkets you can choose from. 

    Grab’s interface is simple and easy for customers to use. However, rates tend to surge high and additional charges may apply during peak hours and holidays

  • Angkas

  • Before the pandemic hit, Angkas was one of the more popular apps for commuters to get around the city the quickest way possible. Now, they have ventured into offering delivery services as well. 

    They offer same day delivery services through their Angkas Padala service around Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. With flexible payment options, the app accepts cash and mobile wallet payments. 

  • Ninja Van

  • If you’re an avid online shopper (especially on Shopee), then you’re probably familiar with Ninja Van. Offering both local and international courier services, Ninja Van’s clientele consists mostly of small online businesses and enterprises. 

    Their delivery services include same day delivery, next day delivery, express delivery, and standard delivery. They also have several drop-off points around the country, you can also opt for their riders to pick up your parcels. 

  • Get All 

  • While it’s one of the newest delivery service apps in the market, we’re very excited for you to try our Get All delivery service. With a wide range of 24/7 delivery services, the Get All app does not disappoint! 

    Among the delivery services we offer are parcel delivery, documents delivery, and delivery of big items. Depending on your item or errand, you can choose from our vehicle options: motorcycle, MPV 300kg, MPV 600kg, and Light Trucks (LT).

    If you’re just having a few small parcels or documents delivered, our motorcycle riders can have them delivered for you within the day! 

    In case you need tons of boxes or packages delivered, we suggest booking either of our MPV options or a Light Truck (LT). If you’re moving furniture to another house, having appliances delivered, or simply have a lot of large package deliveries a motorcycle won’t be enough for, then we’re happy to be of service!

    With the Get All courier service, you’re assured of quality service. Not only do our rider partners handle packages cautiously, but they are courteous and follow instructions well. 

    You won’t have to worry about getting in touch with the Get All team too! If you have any questions, concerns, or even looking to book manually, we’re available on Viber, on FB messenger, even on SMS! Our representatives respond quickly and don’t mind a lot of queries. We’re always striving to give you the superb customer service you deserve. 

    Beyond delivery services, just as our name suggests, you can get almost anything you need through the app —from grocery items from All Day Supermarket to new furniture from AllHome. If you barely have time to shop, Get All Service can help get your craving or shopping needs. You can shop at any Vista Malls, stand-alone stores, or other malls.

    We also have the Mommymili service for your fresh market needs! Without having to endure the heat and crowd in the market, you get access to the freshest fruits and vegetables at Farmer’s Market and Alabang Market! 

    Got a whole day errand to run? For only Php 1,000.00, inclusive of 8 hours or 50km distance, you can book our Get All Rider for a day!

    For customers in the Metro Manila Area, Cavite, or Laguna, when it comes to delivery services Get All’s definitely got you covered! Stellar services at affordable rates? It’s an absolute yes! 

    FAQs for Get All Delivery App

    Before you start booking your deliveries with the Get All app, we’ve jotted down some frequently asked questions you might find helpful!

    Is there a way to contact my rider other than the app

    Most of the time, delivery apps disclose the contact details of riders for customers to be able to track their deliveries live or give specific instructions.

    If you have trouble contacting your rider, you can reach us through Facebook Messenger: or through Viber: 0918 911 1313 /0915 219 0003, or 0917 300 1313 to have our customer service representatives assist you with your concerns.

    Can I book a delivery ahead of time?

    Yes, you can. Get All allows pre-scheduled bookings, but be sure to provide the right date and time to avoid cancellations. 

    If I encounter a problem with the rider’s attitude or service, can I report it? 

    Yes, you certainly should. Get All doesn't condone riders who treat customers badly. If you encounter any untoward incident, get in touch with our representatives to have the incident investigated.

    However, we urge you to treat our riders with the same courtesy and respect you expect from them. If you’re satisfied with their service, we’re sure a small tip or even offering them a glass of water would make their day!



    Get All is a delivery service app in the Philippines that connects people & businesses by providing same day, on demand delivery courier services in key cities inside & outside Metro Manila. Get All Delivery Services offers a multi-functional delivery fleet to ensure every need is delivered safe! We offer different services from parcel delivery to shopper service.

    To know more, you may visit our FAQs page. You may also visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

    Don’t forget to Download the Get All app here: Google Play Store | Apple App Store | Huawei AppGallery

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